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by Steve Timmer
Oct 1, 2012, 7:00 AM

Uncle Billy: Noble Liar

Update: The website that contained the post from Bill Glahn is gone. However, you can find “Hypocrisy is Good,” Glahn’s writing on which this story is based, here.

Bill Glahn thinks it’s okay to lie if it furthers his agenda

There was a very interesting lit drop in HD49A in recent days. It was by a 501(c)(4) called Intelligent Choices Minnesota. [Update: the piece was paid for by John Cashmore individually.] The first piece of literature from the group, which you can find at the link, delivers a haymaker:

The concept of the noble lie, usually told about religion to make people more tractable, is ancient in origin, but it is still just as big a stinker as ever. There has been some rumbling about Uncle Billy’s writings, which seemed to have disappeared down the rabbit hole. But not so fast, Uncle Billy! From the Intelligent Choices website (

Intelligent Choices Minnesota is entering this race because for the second time in a year in which one of the candidates for Edina elective office [school board candidate Jason Berger was the other] has hidden very controversial formerly public writings to keep the public from knowing how the candidate really thinks.

This time Bill Glahn, the writer of three widely circulated, and, in certain circles, often-quoted blog columns caused all of the extensive writings in the three different blogs [to] disappear from the internet after he received his party’s endorsement. Soon after he wrote a goodbye saying he was doing so on May 17, 2012.

Fortunately, a member of ICM copied Bill Glahn’s blogs before he erased them from public view and may, in time, publish all of them. At this time ICM is revealing one, a blog in which Glahn in all seriousness believes officials ought to lie to the public to achieve their goals. He directly includes himself whom he describes as “elite.” Does that mean he will lie to get elected? [emphasis added] You decide.

One of the really great things about Ron is that you always know where he stands on something; he is blunt to a fault.

Not that it’s a fault.

Update: Uncle Billy has hidden his views about those darn bicycles, too.

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