Thinning the presidential timber

January 9, 2018

It’s really self-thinning

Al Franken

Appointed Senators are actually good at re-election

December 11, 2017

In which the author takes down a Twitter hot taker

DJ has a sad

April 3, 2017

D.J. Tice may be excused for fawning over Supreme Court nominee, the great wooden cigar store Indian, Neil Gorsuch. D.J. criticized (with some justification) the grandstanding Democrats and the blubbering, grandstanding Republicans at the recent hearing on the Gorsuch nomination. To me, the reason that Gorsuch should be rejected is not because of a frozen […]

Welcome to LeftMN

November 14, 2016

There are some new readers here because of my Commentary in the Star Tribune (Monday evening on the website and in the Tuesday paper edition; please read it before continuing here) in support of Keith Ellison’s run for the chair of the Democratic National Committee. We’re glad you came over to check us out and hope […]

Zero, zip, zilch, nada

May 2, 2016

Among the criticisms you will hear as a Bernie Sanders supporter is that Bernie is not a “real” Democrat (although he’s always caucused with them in Congress), and that he’s not assisting down-ballot Democrats. Sometimes, the Clinton partisans will even point to the joint fundraising program called the Hillary Victory Fund as evidence that Hillary […]

Let there be holes in the ground, part two

October 1, 2014

Thus spake Mike


September 10, 2014

Its neglected origins

Let there be holes in the ground!

September 5, 2014

Thus spake Mike

Rebecca Otto and Matt Entenza

The Weekly Wrap 7-20

July 20, 2014

♣ There have been a number of developments in the race for the most glamorous political position in the entire state of Minnesota, I’m talking of course about the State Auditor’s race. We’ll start with this ad from challenger Matt Entenza: This ad pretty well encapsulates Entenza’s pitch, which is; “I’m progressive, I’ll be an activist […]

Rep. Phyllis Kahn and challenger Mohamud Noor

The Weekly Wrap 7-13

July 13, 2014

♣ Since The Wrap™ didn’t publish last week, there were stories that blossomed and subsequently withered on the vine in the two weeks since the last edition of The Wrap™. One of those stories was this: Absentee voting started Friday, six weeks ahead of primary elections. Already there are strong allegations of voter fraud. The […]

Absentee Voting at Minneapolis City Hall

The Weekly Wrap 6-29

June 29, 2014

Go vote!

Mark Dayton and Al Franken

Two new polls paint different pictures of Minnesota races

June 18, 2014

Two new polls of the two big races in Minnesota this fall have come out, well, one of the polls is from last week and I’ve just now come around to write about it. So it’s new to these electronic not-pages. I’ll start on the Gubernatorial side and begin with the most recent poll from […]