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by Steve Timmer
Dec 15, 2012, 5:00 PM

A Spotty ™ winner on gun control

Donald Bronsky’s brilliant and bitter letter to the editor in Saturday’s Strib wins a Spotty™.

It is vital to remember that now is not the time to be discussing anything resembling tighter gun-control legislation. It is far too early, and emotions are running too deeply, to discuss anything that would even begin to limit the number of guns available and the number of people who own them.

After all, if the killer wanted to do this evil deed, he could have just as easily used a club or kicked the youngsters to death. Are we going to limit the sale and ownership of clubs and feet?

No. To discuss this very volatile matter, we need to wait until we have a period of, say, a year and a half with no mass killings that come about as a result of gun sales and ownership. Then and only then will we have cooled off enough to be rational about this.

Meanwhile, we hope that nothing happens, or something like that.

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