The coveted Spotty (tm) - graphic by Tild
by Steve Timmer
Oct 3, 2021, 10:00 AM

Charles Dean is the latest Spotty ™ winner

Charles Dean wins a Spotty™ for this letter in the Star Tribune today:

The lawsuit filed by unnamed health care workers seeking to overthrow the COVID-19 vaccination mandate is not only outrageous but immoral (“State health care workers sue over mandate,” Sept. 29). After all, my fellow workers have sworn to do no harm, but in fact are vectors in spreading a worsening pandemic. They cite various reasons for their narcissism, but they do not have the courage to make their names known.

It seems obvious that the public should know their names and where they work, in order to lessen the risk of becoming infected. If they will not do this voluntarily, why not the state licensing boards? Or a counter-lawsuit?

I am not asking that they give up their principles, but only that they have the courage to acknowledge them publicly, and let their patients choose whether to seek care elsewhere.

Charles E. Dean, Apple Valley

Charles, well, it’s Dr. Dean, actually, is right, but I think we also need a labeling law, especially in health care or crowded indoor settings. That’ll help people who took precautions and got vaccinated avoid being that unlucky breakthrough case who dies, like Dianne Honermann of Mankato. She went to a birthday party in Waseca attended by sixty people; thirty of them got COVID-19. There were unvaccinated people at the party. Think about how many new vectors for the virus in Lesser Vaccinated Minnesota that created.

You’d think, in fact, that the Unvaxxers would want to proclaim their status, perhaps with tasteful earrings or a lanyard with a fob.

Photo in the Guardian

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Update: Dr. Dean suggests that maybe a “counter-lawsuit” is in order. Since this is a matter of significant public concern, that’s a good idea. It would probably take the form of a motion to intervene as a defendant in the current litigation by a trade group or public health organization with standing.

If that describes an organization that any of you are affiliated with readers, your organization ought to consider it. I heartily endorse the idea.

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