LeftMN Radio Hour

LeftMN Radio Hour 12-30

December 30, 2012

This week we wrap up the year by replaying a few old interviews

MNUnited Victory Party

The Rural-Suburban divide on the Minnesota amendments

November 7, 2012

With the results of the 2012 election now almost entirely in the books, Photo Voter ID is failing 52.3%-46.4%, a 5.9% margin. Marriage is failing 51.1%-47.6%, a 3.5% margin. In the end, Photo Voter ID lost by two and a half points more than the Marriage amendment, a result practically unthinkable only a few weeks ago. […]

Vote NO Cake

New SurveyUSA poll shows support for amendments below 50%!

November 4, 2012

SurveyUSA’s previous poll of Minnesota caused me to write that the two amendment races had reached a stasis of sorts. This poll, and yesterdays PPP poll, completely blow up that theory. SurveyUSA (11/4, 10/30 in parenthesis, 10/15 in brackets): An amendment to the Minnesota Constitution on the ballot would require voters to show photo I.D.’s in order to vote […]

Optical Ballot

How many will leave Constitutional Amendments blank?

October 30, 2012

I’m sure many of you are aware of this fact, but here it is anyway, for a constitutional amendment to pass in Minnesota, it must receive 50%+1 of all the votes cast in the entire election. Not just 50%+1 of the votes cast on the amendment itself. For practical purposes this means that some portion […]

Vote NO on both Amendments

Minnesota Poll shows Marriage Amendment tied

October 29, 2012

And the Photo Voter ID amendment passing