Keith the Snoozer - Aaron Klemz photo
by Steve Timmer
Apr 26, 2012, 7:00 PM

Keith: the Crackpot’s Co-chair

Just when you thought it was strange enough

If you thought it was strange that Keith Downey was supporting the fringe Paulbot Kurt Bills for the U.S. Senate, Downey is in even deeper than that: he’s a co-chair of the Bills for Senate Committee:

Rep. Keith Downey, a Co-Chair of the Bills campaign, stated “I was more than happy to join Kurt in his effort to bring Econ 101 to Washington. This diverse group of legislators will be a major force to help Kurt secure the Republican nomination next month in St. Cloud.”

Who’s the other co-chair? The site doesn’t say. There are a total of three items of news on the “news” page: announcement of the Bills candidacy, the endorsement by Ron Paul, and the identification of supporters in, primarily, the Minnesota House, including Keith Downey.

A trip though Bills’ issue page — which ought to be titled Credo — is a wing nut’s dream. There is no mention, though, of one of Bills’ great ideas from last session: make gold and silver coins legal tender and have the State of Minnesota print money.

Imagine, if you will, standing in the express line at Cub behind Keith Downey, whose basket only has a bunch of bananas in it, when he asks the cashier, “You’ve got change for a Krugerrand, don’t you?” Your heart, of course, sinks while the manager comes over to inspect the coin and then calls over the PA for the triple beam balance because it seems a little worn and may be light.

After determining the value of the coin — in dollars, naturally — the cashier begins to count out Downey’s change. “What’s this?” demands Downey.

“Sir, these are American dollars,” she replies.

“And lawful money here in the United States,” you add helpfully, trying to get out of the store before the milk goes sour.

“I’m not taking that crap!” bellows Downey.

“But sir, it’s all we have,” says the clerk.

“Then keep your damn bananas,” Downey says, snatching up his Krugerrand and storming out of the store.

The clerk shrugs, and looks at you, and then she says, “Same thing happens every week.”

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