Tweedle Kurt and Tweedle Keith | From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
by Steve Timmer
Oct 2, 2012, 2:00 PM

Tweedle Kurt and Tweedle Keith

If you like Bills, you’ll love Downey

Given the pasting that Kurt Bills is taking, however, there apparently aren’t many of you. But for you Liberty Republicans — or practicing nihilists, as I like to call you — in SD49, you have another spot on the ballot to vent your spleen: Keith Downey. Keith is clearly your man!

You see, Keith Downey is Kurt Bills’ campaign chair. That’s about as good a window into the soul of Keith Downey as you are likely to get. Or maybe the dark basement of Downey’s soul, as Katherine Kersten might say. (Nobody does wooden imagery like Kersten.)

All of the gold buggery, the don’t-regulate-my-day-care-even-though-babies-are-dying-like-flies-in-in-home-day-cares, the send me some gas money, and all the rest, you can lay it all at Keith Downey’s feet.

One wonders if Downey will be joining Bills anywhere along the Kurt Bills Farewell Tour of all 87 counties in Minnesota.

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