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by Tony Petrangelo
Dec 1, 2012, 5:00 PM

The Week in Comments 12-1

Not many comments this week. Is it possible that people don’t like this commenting paradigm? Alec doesn’t:

Guys, the whole point of Web 2.0 is that it is interactive and actually social. I wish you would tap in to that to maximize your readership. Many folks go to sites for the interaction. right now you all are just emulating a really fancy posting on the bulletin board in a coffee shop. Add comments already. Otherwise you are just doing old ways of communication in just a fancier way.

Alec encapsulates the pro-comments argument pretty well. One thing I would point out though, from the first sentence of the Wikipedia page on Web 2.0: “Web 2.0 was coined in 1999…” The sentence goes on from there, but that’s the important part. You know what other word was coined in 1999?

I guess my point is that yes, Alec is correct, comments are a big part of the history of blogs. My contention however, is that comments don’t have to be part of the future of blogs. Maybe they do though; I’m certainly open to the possibility that I’m wrong on this point.

The only other comments concerned Steve’s post, Twisting arms at the piece rate of $19/hour.

Nathaniel writes:

I have some swampland I’d like to sell to the members of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. If they believe that Dan McGrath was paid less than $3000 in 2011 or 2012 to lobby for the voter exclusion amendment, they will certainly believe my claim that this swampland is a prime building site. What’s up with them?

And Craig writes:

Good work Steve, extremely questionable.


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