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by Steve Timmer
Feb 16, 2019, 4:00 PM

On comments

I posted a link to the two The great freakout continues, unabaded stories on Twitter. A reply to that tweet, from Sandra, said that I was “biased and part of the problem.” I replied in turn that if she would tell me specifically why that was true, I would publish it. Here’s the reply she left here at LeftMN:

Your article is so biased and full of lies that I can’t possibly respond. Just to say that you are definitely part of the problem.

Nothing new, and no specifics to enlighten me. In the business I used to be in we called these things “naked allegations.” It’s not an entirely unpejorative term.

I hope, readers, if you have read the two stories in The great freakout continues, unabated, you have seen that they consist mostly of links to other news sources,  comments, and some tweets, along with a little commentary from me. I assume that the commenter means that all these others are biased and part of the problem, too, but she didn’t even say that, either.

There were some replies to the tweet, discussing AIPAC congressional junkets to Israel that I found illuminating, viz.:”

Update 2/17: Although not a comment to my writings, this article speaks to the issue of the choke hold that AIPAC has on Congress:

Sorry, Democrats: Your NRA Is Spelled AIPAC. The author has the experience to know what he is talking about.

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