by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 25, 2013, 6:23 PM


In the spring of 2011 TPT aired a special on Ronald Reagan, the thespian once acting as President.

At one point a member of his administration made the following statement.

“When times are good people identify with the rich, when times are bad they identify with the poor.”

Since the Reagan years the Republican messaging has been that you as a rich person have been taken advantage of by the poor. They created a false sense of identity for the one time middle class that they were among the rich. Just recall Romney’s 47% guffaw. Same message 30 years later.

If the Tea Party crowd come back in January or later and cause more economic trouble they are going to force a lot of people who currently identify with the rich to consider identifying with the poor.

There are MILLIONS OF demo*C*r*ATS among those who currently think they are rich and voting as Independents. Bring it on Tea Party, bring it on.


*with a nod to fellow native New Ulmer Wanda Gag

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