by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 24, 2013, 2:25 AM

The poor are richer than the rich – or so the GOP reasons

Let us start off with the agreement that the national debt is indeed a problem.

But isn’t it curious how the GOP turns to entitlements (which should exclude Social Security since you paid in) as a means of reducing the debt.

If a debt is to be resolved, one would turn to the richest among us since they have the money. Would they not?

And who then does the GOP see as those who must pay? Well it is the poorest and neediest among us. It is certainly not the bankers, or the magnates of industry, no they are not so rich as the poor it would seem.

Ergo, by GOP logic, the poor are the richest of the rich among us and they must pay the debt.

We have allowed the GOP to demonize the poor. If you listen to them long enough you’ll wish you were a welfare recipient too. It is not just here in the U.S., Britain is doing the same thing. It is all laid out well enough here (~2 min.) by Mark Steel. Just substitute the English accent for any host on the FOX channel and it will be the same set of arguments.

It is always about the sole interest of business (~2 min.) to the GOP. We have come to the point where contemporary politics divides this way.

The politics of the left use the pronoun “we”, while the politics of the right use the pronoun “me”.

If you have a NetFlix streaming account, check out “We’re Not Broke” and find out who pays zero taxes. Among the indigents are GE, Coke and a whole lot of other Citizen United beings who enjoy free speech vis-a-vis campaign money but are too broke to pay taxes.

*Hat tip to Mark Steel and his insight to British politics (~2.5 min).

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