by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 6, 2013, 12:18 PM

GOP more willing to shut down government than the war they kicked off

Four more Americans dead in Afghanistan. Now why isn’t this the GOP priority? They have the upper hand since 2008. They can blame it all on Obama now, the surge, the continued fatalities. It was all kicked off by the predecessor but like most of their unfinished business (political messes) the GOP pursues subterfuge. Let’s take the Benghazi tragedy for example. For all the attempts to criticize the Obama administration there exists not a peep about the 200 plus who died in Lebanon under the Reagan administration. Presumably to the GOP overlooking advance warning signals is a purely Democratic flaw. Never mind that the Bush administrations were warned of what was about to transpire in Kuwait and a decade later that our airlines would be used to deliver the 9-11 sucker punch.

Why is there the national debt? Much of it is the result of unfinanced war. Blame the Democrats as you will, the party of fiscal responsibility (unless it is more subterfuge) should have been adamant to stop this wasteful spending. As one of their own, a man named Eisenhower put it, “War solves nothing.” They are shutting down the government now due to the Affordable Care Act because it will just cost too much, or so they say. Money seems high on their priority list… unless it revolves around the debt incurred due the war kicked off while their Alabama National Guard pilot was in the White House. They’re complaining about a problem they helped induce. Now they’re complaining about a health care program birthed in their own party. And not a peep about the cost of the market crashes in ’82, ’87, ’92, ’03 or ’08. All of which occurred on their watch. Four American families just got the knock. The days ahead for them are brutal with heartache, introspection and grief as deep as it comes.

Bad at fiscal responsibility, bad at public policy, bad at just about everything but subterfuge the GOP labors on.

The GOP solace for these families is that at least the government they died defending has been shut down.

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