by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 15, 2013, 12:08 PM

Letter to the editor MN CD 2 electorate will never see

Below is a letter to the editor no news source where it was submitted in MN CD 2 would run. Boehner lapdog John Kline (R) insulated by the local press.

As a resident of Minnesota’s 2nd District I was dismayed that Representative John Kline joined other House Republicans in causing a government shut-down in order to further the misguided effort to cripple or eliminate the Affordable Care Act.

Failing to fund the government demonstrates gross fiscal irresponsibility, as doing so will add tens of millions of dollars per day to taxpayers’ burdens while reducing access to federal services.  Hundreds of thousands of real people will lose pay, but will still need to pay their own bills.  In addition, economic harm will ripple across the country.

Kline has consistently chosen to attempt to repeal and/or cripple the Affordable Care Act.  I can only assume that he has never faced the daunting task of paying huge out-of-pocket medical expenses ,or been told that he or a loved one had reached life-time limits; Kline has never sought health insurance only to be denied because of a preexisting condition; he has never had to search for private health insurance for his family only to find premiums out of reach.  Given his tenure in Congress he will personally never have to face these problems.  The tax-payers will continue to provide and subsidize his health care regardless of his political future.

Kline lacks the courage to do the work that needs to be done in Congress:  pass a government funding bill that is meaningful, rather than setting up another crisis in a few months’ time.  He is a willing hostage to a contingent of Republican colleagues who have no interest in governing.  There is work to be done.

We should all carefully watch his actions on raising the Debt Ceiling.  John Kline authorized much of this nation’s debt, and the only fiscally responsible action is to pay those bills.


MaryKay Carter


Couldn’t have illustrated the Kline problem any better. He’s been at the public trough… well apparently his entire adult life.


* Rosemount Town Pages, Sun Current an ECM paper most notably

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