by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 15, 2013, 12:36 PM

A template letter for those represented in Congress by a Republican

Courtesy of a good Wisconsinite we provide all progressives with a template letter for your Republican representative, free of charge we might add:


Representative _______,

A friend of mine has stated that the US being number one, the leader of the world is not worth the trouble.  Being number one puts a target on our back; there are many that want to supplant us and to attack us because of our leadership role.  We have all the costs that we must pay to remain number one, costs in money and often in blood, the cost of a military that has the ability to span the world, the cost of educating our population to maintain leadership in science, finance, farming, research, and technology.  There is the cost of feeding our citizens and people in need around the world.  The list goes on and on.  It is not cheap to be the big cheese.

I did not originally recognize your purpose behind shutting down the US government and refusing to extend the debt ceiling.  Well, I must commend you on your plan to remove the US from its world leadership role and get the US out of the number one spot.  By destroying the financial integrity of the US, you will free us of all the trouble of being number one.  By reducing taxes to near historic lows and, now, not paying our bills and playing games with finances you will wipe out the worlds faith in the US’s credit worthiness.  Very clever.  We will surely drop to number 15 or 20.  That our national and personal financial security will also be destroyed is simply a sacrifice that we citizens must make.  After all, sacrifice of all citizens is what made us number one.  Our recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq placed that sacrifice on those few that were in military service.  We citizens were not asked to pay for the war, we were instead asked to continue our personal shopping sprees and maintain our level of consumerism.  By refusing to raise the debt ceiling, and not paying the US debt, you are (very cleverly, I might say) sticking China with the bill for those wars.  Your financial wizardry is to be commended.  Viva number 20.  Who knows, if we slide far enough, we will not need to educate our citizens, think of the taxes that we can save by closing all our schools.


<your name here>


* today on Huffington Post an echo of sentiment

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