A Republican deregulation dream (en.ria.ru).
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Mar 14, 2014, 9:30 AM

Thinking like a Republican

You know how the Republicans just hate regulation; well here’s some clever messaging they could employ to their ends.

So in the spirit of the Republican love of limited and local government let us help them out.

Let’s all advocate renaming the Minnesota River as the Minnesota Sewer.

That’s right, Sewer.

The Minnesota river watershed is by and large a haven of Republican thought. They can’t stand Dayton and the sense of outstate persecution runs deep.

Whether it is guns or taxes they feel immense pressure from someone or somewhere… and there must surely be liberals as the root cause.

Things like the Legacy amendment don’t sit with them all that well either. Art, clean water, environmental concerns… all socialist! That money could go to job creators!

The Minnesota Sewer lies totally within local control, at least statewise, and as a sewer it implies a full and complete lack of regulation.

Got crap?       =>      Throw it in the river sewer.

Catchy isn’t it?

This will be a boon to the ethanol plants, the agricultural base can spray and treat with abandon with no worry of runoff, and it will be a job magnet for industries to relocate.

C’mon, free sewerage has to be a major draw. Hog farms located everywhere with a pipe straight to the river sewer!

Think of the power of argument it will lend to the whole free market line of thought. Fully empowered free market and fully free of regulation.

And all this community testing of sewage water can be stopped, saving money. Do you know we require independent labs (the original outsourcing) to validate what communities claim as their treatment success. All this represents regulation and expense that can be thrown out, maybe right into the river sewer.

Longer term, when we’ve seen the absolute proof of their sagacity, they can propose renaming Lake Superior as…. hmmmm, how about Superior Cesspool because that is how Polymet is gonna’ leave it when all is said and done.

Oh and let’s not forget the St. Croix scenic river. Klobuchar and Bachmann have already started to mess with that designation. Not so wild and scenic any longer in the Stillwater area. Renaming that will be left as an exercise for the reader.

Think of the transformation the Chamber of Commerce can champion with all this…. effluent language turned to real tangible effluent waste?


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