The Pawnshop Party | Steve Sack
by Steve Timmer
Jan 1, 2013, 10:00 AM

Republican correspondence 8

It is important at this point in time that I make something clear. In spite of the fact that I got three consulting contracts with the Republican Party of Minnesota while Tony Sutton was the Chairman, I hardly know that man. Really. I don’t think I would recognize him on the street. I can’t even remember who I made the contracts with. Really.

Oh, I know that some people are saying that I did some work for which the RPM has no records or backup of what I did. But is that my fault? That was only part of the $70,000 that I received and only part of the money I got while I was running for the State Senate the first time. Nobody’s perfect.

Frankly, there are some rumors going on around here that the RPM can well do without. That’s my advice: drop it everyone; let’s let bygones be bygones. Water under the dam. Water over the bridge. We’ll all be a lot better off.

If anyone has questions, come to my office in the State Office Building. It’s across the tunnel from where we used to be; look for the Assistant Minority Leader’s Office.


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