CPAC and Mack (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Mar 13, 2014, 8:40 AM

SD57 Rep. Tara Mack – needs review of the term compassionate

Rep. Tara Mack from SD57A delivered a speech at CPAC. Having listened to it I cannot help but wonder how the spouse of a minister could be so misled on what compassion actually is, particularly Christian notions of compassion. Well, she did share the stage with Bachmann, Cruz, Ryan and a host of other really compassionate and oh so Christian people.

She kicked it off with some rant about disagreement with a college professor and spun that around to some notion of compassionate conservatism. A short review of her voting record would call into question whether she actually understands the term compassion.

She obviously understands the maligned term “conservative” as appropriated by the Liberty Caucus and/or Tea Party, but she fails miserably on the compassion issue.

Good luck catching her at any type of open to the public event here in Senate District 57. She’s not all that compassionate towards her constituents. If she were she’d seek opportunity to listen to others.

CPAC was a real Reagan worship service again this year and the compassionate Jesus took another mud bath.

If Jesus came back do you really think he’d support people espousing Tea Party/Liberty Caucus politics?

The sole example of Jesus blowing his top was in the Temple with the money changers… and CPAC is tantamount to the same locus.

The company you keep Rep. Mack would not include the guy named Jesus.

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