by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 24, 2014, 12:34 PM

MN SD57 Town Hall Bleating by Wills and Mack

Attended a town hall meeting bleating last week by local SD57 Reps Wills and Mack. It was less than stellar as performances go. Felt more like a High School class presentation.

They’re both Liberty Caucus/Tea Partiers in disguise as Republicans and as usual their language in public obfuscated their real policy intents.

The only real shocker was when Mack came out as proponent on the issue of autism. While she would maintain that sexuality is a choice she apparently accepts autism as a non-choice.

The devil here is probably in the policy details relative to autism which she of course didn’t discuss. Can’t hardly believe she’ll argue government has a role to play, must be some other ploy coming.

Aside from that it was businesses need this, job creators need that and baa baa baa. They should just come out and say it blatantly, we are the political pawns of the Chamber of Commerce and we intend to move their agenda forward.

It’s obvious these two give merit to the notion of corporations as citizen but they cast a lot of votes that disparage the living breathing citizens that constitute the local and statewide electorate.

At a previous town hall Wills cited the debunked Regnerus study and retreated to an argument that she’d just have to vote on her personal faith conviction. Fellow citizens rights be damned, she’s going with the debunked study and sticking to the evangelical biblical homophobia… except for all the other tenets about shellfish and all the rest. Which raises the question, if she were to adulterate, would she then hold a town hall stoning?

Mack has children. Let’s all hope neither turn out gay or queer. That’d be a hard household to mature in with all that denial going on. They might be safe if either were autistic, but as noted the devil here is the details she didn’t share.

Wills touted her Vet Employer bill. She likes to drop the word Vet in there but the money actually goes to the employer. The vet is left to show up and labor for the money.

Makes one reflect on the old carrot and stick to get the jackass to move forward. It would be a thought to far for Wills to realize who the jackass is under her failed proposal. Oh, and DFLer Wiger deserves some of the smear on this bill too.

Why on earth would we have to lure an employer to hire a vet? Misplaced priorities comes to mind.

Both of these characters like to tout their Christian affiliation. Not sure on whose knee they took their learning but they missed the story in the New Testament about the sole time the Christ lost his temper. That was in the temple, among the money changers and merchants.

Yet here our Christian representatives Mack and Wills stand among the Chamber of Commerce, money changers and merchants.


Probably he’d lose his temper with these two.

And so it is that the image above shows the ewes behind the fence. Corralled by an ideology and policies that won’t let their libertarian claims free range.

Lots of bleating, not much in the way of value.

Packard and Folken have their work cut out against Wills and Mack respectively. With a median income of ~$79k many folks out here believe themselves to be the %1 who manipulate Mack and Wills, e.g, the Cummins family from up in Maple Grove.

Folken’s name is closely linked with the Yellow Ribbon campaign out this way. Packard lost a brother in Nam and has a son who served two tours in Iraq. Some real honest to goodness veteran connections. Not some lame give the jackass his carrot kind of thing.

These are not leaders. They are followers. The shepherd is the Chamber, certainly not the Christ. These are sheep and hardly the biblical parable sort.

Yup, lots of baa-shit behind the fence here in SD57.

___ the non Q&A portion ___

Questions had to be submitted in writing which of course means they controlled which questions were asked. Typical form of control used in the GOP. Not really a town hall meeting, hence the bleating.

On the subject of climate change they danced around the obvious denier positions they held.

Wills got her ears pinned back pretty well on her vote against the interests of the MN Zoo. She claimed her childish snit over $7 million denial to DCTC was reason enough to deny the zoo funding.

Their answers are never succinct. They revert to a play book format delivering a long winding near diatribe that leaves behind forthright answers, ergo obfuscation.

The children of Aaron speak


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