Wither men? (www.startribune.com).
by Steve Timmer
Jun 9, 2014, 11:00 AM

But Doug, Tripp Emmer has a father

N.B. The title is a reference to this.

Doug Tice, lamenting Sunday in the Strib about the sad state of chauvinism, said:

Have they no fathers? Has no one ever taught them what it means to be a man? Have today’s “social norms” led them to believe that sex is just another contact sport in which one pursues trophies?

By “social norms,” Tice means the ones we inherited from the sixties:

Everywhere one looks today, there are signs that something is going wrong with men. Statistics tell us they are working less, marrying less, enrolling in college less, succeeding in school at all levels less. Today’s huge population of single-mother households — whatever its many causes and effects — is at bottom evidence of an alarming de-socialization of males.

When newspapers were opened Sunday, dogs all over the state lifted their heads from the carpet and pricked their ears.

Tice quotes one fellow, Terence Moore, who says that Bell Curve for men has been tipped upside down; we’re all now either barbarians, or what may be worse: wimps. Moore says it’s all Murphy Brown’s fault.

I know a couple of Murphy Browns who raised boys, and Doug, I’ll put ’em up against the spawn of Emmer any day. So your hypothesis is just B.S.

But I have a hypothesis of my own. It’s the Republicans’ fault, particularly Ronald Reagan. Reagan presided over the societal death of empathy. There is no public interest, no other people’s interest; there is just my interest, Objectivism. There has been a rising tide of selfishness across the country since 1980. And sexual entitlement is just part of it.

And who could forget guns? Both barbarians and wimps love guns. Barbarians, obviously, but wimps because it makes them feel like barbarians.

boys with guns at Chipotle

Two guys who can only get laid with a gun (via www.theguardian.com)

Make no mistake, the Social Darwinism at loose in the land since the days of St. Ronnie have created legions of losers. They like Tex-Mex, apparently, and probably some other stuff, too, and nobody is going to stop them.

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