by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 30, 2014, 9:45 AM

Reparative therapy of the Evangelicals

So 300 or so Evangelicals cannot apparently repel their attraction to the LGBTQ community in Minnesota. They just had to join in on Pride hoping to get someone else to join out. And who knows, some of them may be looking for a date.

What comes to mind is the question “What conversion therapy is appropriate for Evangelicals?”

The obvious answer is the Christ, but the Evangelicals are inverted on what that story line is about. Someday they may get it but it’s not hopeful on the short term.

In order to get some humor (oops) clarity on the subject a homework assignment was sent out to a few friends within the LGBTQ world. The answers will be posted as an update. Today people across the country are celebrating Pride. I suppose the Evangelicals will be ‘celebating’ in turn. (no emoticons allowed)

When the Evangelicals quit funding Rolex watches for the minister in front of the congregation (oops) concretion then the prospects of conversion will rise. (As an aside have you ever seen their sound and video systems? That takes some serious coin. Probably makes sense since they keep saying that Heaven is long way off. It also explains the whole prosperity gospel thing. Poor folks can’t cough up the necessary dough for good gear.)

As for the Roman Catholics… they need the money because heaven is going bankrupt and the legal bills are piling up. Their conversion will have to wait until they’re less pre-occupied.

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