by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 26, 2014, 10:21 AM

The edifice you cannot see – the GOP Senate Bldg alternative

Republicans are using the new Senate building as the Democratic albatross. The GOP version of a public edifice resembles the King who had no clothes.

At least the Democratic legislature is willing to spend on a visible economic edifice. They deserve credit for doing things in plain sight.

By contrast the Republicans prefer the unseen edifice. They want to build a deregulated economy clothed in tax exclusions.

In the Hans Christian Andersen tale deceitful weavers persuade the King (a role played here by the Minnesota economy) that they shall enrobe the King (economy) in splendor.

The doubting faction of the electorate, believing others among them indeed see what is unseen, timidly acquiesces. They suspend disbelief for the trickle down fallacy as the suitable attire the King (economy) shall wear to appear royal.

There is no data to support supply side economics. Yet the naked lie leaves the disbelieving voter fearful of speaking the truth.

Many an educated economist state the GOP trickle down proposal is not but the weavers’ lie.

Kurt Bills’ advocating Minnesota minting of Loon dollars was among the first designer outfits the duped believed. It was soundly rejected because the voters like the child of the Andersen story saw it was too risque to be seen in public.

But money is still the issue. With it Democrats say build what can be seen. The GOP say build what cannot be seen, namely tax relief for the rich. You can’t see it but they promise it is regal in design.

We can expose these GOP weavers of lies. We can challenge with the truth that the GOP is not offering visible clothing simply by asking to see their data. They have none, and that is the nakedness of their woven lie.

Trust the fact that truth is often found in the voice of youth.

Every voter gets the chance to be the child who declares by vote “The King GOP has no clothes!”


L to R in the featured image:

Stewart Mills, Tom Emmer, John Kline, Jeff Johnson, the fictitious Reagan economy, and Mike McFadden parading without clothes data to prove their weaving exists. In the backdrop the voters who believe it true.

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