by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 25, 2015, 2:30 PM

Scalia the Papist isn’t happy

Justice Scalia is still living in his Reagan dreamland. Been there since 1986 and cannot move forward.

Babies are born free of bias and prejudice. How Scalia got this way may be rooted in his papist upbringing.

It took the Papal church 4 centuries to accept a Galilean concept. Scalia, a member of the that church, is only 2 centuries along in the notion that the constitution may just be a living document.

He won’t last for the next 2 centuries but I think the constitution has a good chance if it is considered a living document.

Update from Steve 6/26: Jeff’s story here was published after the ACA decision yesterday. I think, perhaps, it falls as logically, maybe more logically, after the same-sex marriage decision today. For a couple of reasons: religious doctrine purports to say more, according to some anyway, about marriage than health insurance (although see, “Love your neighbor as yourself”), and because Scalia’s dissent in the marriage case today is his real descent into self-parody.

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