by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 6, 2015, 11:30 AM

Even Democrats use $ to get what they want

It broke over the weekend that Hillary Clinton is now in dispute with the Democratic National Committee over money issues.

Already the candidate debates have been limited to six on Hillary’s demand. Clinton’s actions reinforce the old adage that money gets what money wants.

The DNC itself is compromised by money with eighteen months to go before a vote.

Meanwhile Sen. Bernie Sanders is openly stating his desire for publicly funded campaigns and the end of big money corruption by way of the Citizens United ruling. He is refusing all PAC money.

Now that sounds like a progressive attitude on his part.

On hers, well not so much. Yet she claims she has a liberal voting record as good as anyone’s, bar none… and there was something about a back seat where I suspect the money gets moved around.

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