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by Steve Timmer
May 30, 2016, 9:00 AM

On comments: Bubba and the Bride of Bubba

In a comment to Bubba and the Bride of Bubba, commenter Fred writes:

Who writes this crap? You? Or do you copy it directly from the Trump website? I assume you want Bernie Sanders as the candidate for the Democratic Party? It’s this kind of writing that has turned me against him. At the time of the Minnesota caucuses, I was completely torn between Sanders and Clinton — I liked them both and would have been happy to vote for either of them as the party’s candidate. But by now, I have gotten so soured on Sanders by his incessantly negative campaigning (against Clinton!). And his supporters have yet to read a Republican attack on Clinton that they won’t uncritically pass along. This scares me.

First of all Fred, thank you for commenting. You may be assured that I write this crap, all by myself. It is obvious that I don’t like Hillary Clinton much, but I think if you read what I have written about her candidacy that I have confined myself pretty well to policy discussions, about foreign affairs, domestic matters, and perhaps especially, the class war against working people that she is part of.

There are barbs, of course, but they aren’t gratuitous or merely ad hominem. I stand by what I have written. The Bride of Bubba is, of course, imagery for the fact that we can consider Bill and Hillary the same policy-wise, since they invited us to do so when Bill was president, and Hillary apparently is doing that now, too.

If Fred, or anyone else, has a policy bone to pick with me, well, operators are standing by. Fred’s comment, though, if you go back to read it, is free of policy discussion. It’s even free of remarks like, Hillary Clinton is such a warm and open person that I trust her implicitly with decisions that affect the well being of my family and me.

Addendum: Hillary Clinton is a very weak candidate, shop worn from ten years of trying. She struggles against Bernie, and she struggles against the truly odious Donald Trump. If she cannot marshal the votes to win in the fall, it won’t be Bernie’s fault, and it won’t be mine, for that matter. But don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

And have a thoughtful Memorial Day, everybody. If you are in the Twin Cities, and you are looking for something to do, go out and visit Historic Fort Snelling.


Civil War weekend at Historic Ft. Snelling – photo by the author

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