Hillary kisses off Iowa (www.mirrordaily.com).
by Steve Timmer
Feb 2, 2016, 10:00 AM

Big Whoop, Hill . . .

The margin between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Iowa was probably one couple who couldn’t get their car started to go to their caucus. Here’s what’s written in the Strib this morning:

Monday’s Democratic contest was a cliffhanger — “The results tonight are the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history,” said state party chairman Andy McGuire — a far cry from the coronation for Clinton that most Democrats once expected.

As a result by Clinton and Sanders got approximately the same number of delegates. Because of the “super delegates,” Clinton undoubtedly has more coming out of Iowa, but it was nevertheless a bracing slap of reality for the Clinton campaign.

It wouldn’t entirely surprise me if Joe Biden suddenly started getting out and visiting parts of The Great Country We Live In soon.

After all of the money, all of the campaigning, all of Bubba’s persuasion, the Candidate of Inevitability doesn’t look quite an inevitable this morning.

The Beltway media, specifically the Washington Post and its political columnist Chris Chinchilla, have made dissing Bernie Sanders a cottage industry. But last night showed why we play the ball game, and why we take the vote.

Update: Continuing in his role as the arbiter of the meaning of everything political, Cillizza opines that Hillary Clinton was really the winner last night. He also calls Bernie Sanders the winner.

Martin O’Malley was a loser, I guess.

I would call Bernie a winner, and maybe Hillary a survivor. We’ll see what Cillizza has to say next week after Sanders wins in New Hampshire, possibly big.

Further update: It is reported in the Strib Wednesday morning that Clinton called her “win” in Iowa a “jolt of momentum.” Like a defibrillator, I suppose. I believe the correct political term of art that should be used here, though, is “joementum.”

Clinton has had a campaign apparatus in Iowa for twelve years or so, and she managed to beat Bernie by a car-full of people after leading him just a few months ago by 50 points.

Remember, everybody, Clinton is the candidate who touts her electability.

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