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by Steve Timmer
Oct 13, 2018, 11:00 AM

Writer of LTE condemning Doug Wardlow wins a Spotty ™

The letter of the day in the print edition of the Strib for Saturday, October 13th wins a Spotty™.

Doug Wardlow and friends

Doug Wardlow – Glen Stubbe photo

Republican Doug Wardlow’s comments at a recent Jason Lewis fundraiser that if he is elected attorney general he would fire “42 Democratic attorneys right off the bat and get Republican attorneys in there” (, Oct. 12) is proof-positive that he is exactly the kind of hyperpartisan we do not need in that office. Furthermore, his presence at Lewis’ rally, and Lewis’ recent appearances with President Donald Trump, also show that U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis is not the “independent voice” he claims to be for Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. In fact, both of them are far to the right on the political spectrum.

As for the unsubstantiated charges of physical abuse which have been leveled at Democratic attorney general candidate Keith Ellison, what happened to the “presumption of innocence,” which the Republicans loudly touted with regard to Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court? Has it suddenly vanished? Ellison has denied the allegations and has asked for a congressional investigation into them. The fact the allegations surfaced just before the primary election is highly suspect in itself.

While I wish Lori Swanson had remained the AG, that ship has sailed. Minnesotans must ask themselves if they want to drastically change course and go the way of Kansas under Kris Kobach. That is what would happen with Wardlow. Stay the course with Ellison.

Joseph R. Humsey, Eagan

Congratulations, Mr. Humsey.

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