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by Dan Burns
Jun 18, 2019, 5:30 AM

Wrong again, about Trump this time

Last November, on another blog, I wrote something called “Trump should be gone by the summer solstice.” Which is this coming Friday, June 21.

That is, I think there’s a considerably better than 50/50 chance that he will be…

Behind all the tough talk and bluster, there is not a more pitiful, cowardly, whimpering, sniveling half-a-man on the face of this planet than “President” Donald J. Trump. (There are unfortunately a good many just about as bad, and they make up a far higher percentage than they do in the general population of right-wing electeds, right-wing media ranters, and so forth. But none worse.) He’ll break.

Which remains true. And his mental health is deteriorating at an accelerating rate. (I don’t agree with some of the really doom-and-gloom remarks at the end of that linked article. But it is full of great insights as to what’s making him tick, however dysfunctionally.)

I figure that House Democrats will get around to impeaching him early next year, when not just politics junkies like myself and, I presume, anyone reading this (and btw you kick ass) is paying closer attention. I don’t personally have an opinion as to whether waiting is a good idea or not.

But the timing of impeachment isn’t really relevant. The key point is that at some point all of the frustration and aggravation – and fear – will reach a tipping point. I’m just not ready to fix another deadline, yet.

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