Practicing a skill that the current President of the United States doesn't do well (
by Dan Burns
Apr 20, 2020, 9:00 AM

Should Minnesota follow California into sovereignty?

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statements were not in fact meant to be taken entirely seriously, any more than the title of this story really is. Newsom’s remarks were about making a point, and pushing Trump’s buttons. But there is telling reality behind it all.

It’s also at the forefront of our nation’s demographic transformation, and is aggressively enacting progressive legislation. Naturally, that pits it directly against impeached president Donald Trump and everything his party stands for. Indeed, California has effectively cancelled the state’s GOP, and registered Republicans are almost half that of registered Democrats—around 23%. The state’s U.S. House delegation is 45-6 (with no gerrymandering goosing the numbers). The California Assembly is 61-18 Democratic. The state Senate is 29-10 Democratic.
(Daily Kos)

(I want to take this opportunity to clarify something I’ve brought up in other stories. I generally define intelligence, in real-world contexts, as the ability and willingness to reason from fact. Trump lives entirely in a world of his own mental making, without any legitimate perception of objective fact. He always has, which means he’s also developed no ability to reason from facts. This makes “President” Donald J. Trump literally as stupid as a person can be. Follow what I’m saying?

(Have you caught even a few moments of his reading from his scripts at those COVID-19 propaganda fests briefings? It’s like watching a third-grader reading in front of the class, just breathlessly trying to pronounce the syllables correctly and get it over with, without any comprehension of what he’s actually saying. The POTUS is semiliterate! Probably only marginally numerate as well, though I have no direct evidence of that.)

Is Minnesota heading in California’s direction, as far as the politics of our population? Yes, but it’s proving to be an agonizingly long and inconsistent process. In 2010 I thought we’d be a lot further along a progressive road by 2020. I do permit myself to take seriously the possibility that it will accelerate, quite a bit, during the next decade, as the passing of older Boomers starts to spike, and better-educated younger generations become reliable voters. But with a lot of caveats. First and foremost, Democratic majorities means progressives plus corporate Dems. Progressives in charge is a big step beyond.

Though that last sentence is a wonderful thing to think about. Health care, education, and housing as basic rights…the greedheads and war pigs held fully accountable even as they’re being marginalized to extinction…and so much more…sweet projections indeed. And there are a great many smaller victories within reach, here and now. Bit by bit…

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