Donald Trump (
by Steve Timmer
May 23, 2020, 3:00 PM

Angel of Death, come on down!

President Trump ordered the governors of the several states to open up churches, and if they don’t, he will. But he’s a dollar short in the legal authority to do that department. But bluster is free, so let’s imagine it.

Dear Leader, he says, “Open up the churches,
Our mortal souls are in the lurches,
We must suppress our carnal urges,
Even as the death toll surges.

“So to you I issue this proclamation,
Wherever you are in this great nation,
Attend your church in dedication,
Or risk your soul to eternal damnation.

“I haven’t been a great example,
Of lots of women I’ve had a sample,
Especially when their charms are ample,
Let’s not talk about the needle and camel.

“Do as I say; not as I do,
Unlike me, be true and true,
My sinful years I outgrew,
At the tender age of seventy two.

“Keep your lamps trimmed and burning,
It’s salvation you’ll be earning,
Let’s keep the revenue a‘churning,
Attend a service lest you be burning.”

Here’s where I got the Angel of Death title.

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