MN lege: How did the DFL get a decent budget to happen?

July 31, 2021

Not a great one, by any means, especially in the matter of making the thieving, greedhead plutocrats start to pay up. Actual budgets are never great from a progressive standpoint, which is no reason not to keep trying. But there is plenty of investment in the state to like, even if some of the increases […]


Still spouting off about school vouchers – Update

June 14, 2021

Yeah, whatever. Minnesota Republicans and school choice advocates gathered at the Capitol Thursday to urge Gov. Tim Walz to meet with them about a Senate school voucher proposal. The advocates want Walz and Democratic-Farmer-Labor lawmakers to back a program called “education savings accounts” as part of the Senate’s education budget proposal. The Minnesota Department of […]


Regarding the Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota

February 22, 2021

Thinking back, I suppose that it was in late 1976 that I had public speaking class, sophomore year in high school. I liked that one about as much as the majority of kids do – I’m pretty sure that speaking in front of groups remains the #1 human phobia – but I wanted A’s in […]


Kind of pithy remarks on the 2021 MN lege

January 6, 2021

First of all, “pithy,” which means having substance and point, contains an element of sarcasm, here. My record, when it comes to any kind of politics-related prognostication, is, in a word, wretched. The best thing is that I am comfortable suggesting that the DFL caucuses in both houses can legitimately be termed “progressive,” and that […]