For those of you II

November 9, 2014

I don’t like ranked choice voting. I suggested a couple of days ago that RCV, as it is known to its pals, might well have elected Dan Severson Secretary of State. I think there is an excellent chance it would have. On the heels of the election, the executive director of FairVote Minnesota issued a […]

For those of you

November 5, 2014

Who think statewide ranked-choice voting is such a really good idea


Comment on Dan (“Doc”) Severson

October 30, 2014

Reader Alan left this comment on Dan Severson’s Brave New World of Voting II: I was surprised in listening to a small part of the debate that Severson is capable of sounding somewhat reasonable if he wants to. Based on all the ridiculous things he’s on the record saying, I thought we’d hear more of […]

Dan Severson’s Brave New World of Voting II

October 29, 2014

Dividing voters into equal and really equal ones

Dan Severson’s Brave New World of Voting

October 23, 2014

Republican Secretary of State candidate Dan Severson has obviously taken too many hard carrier landings. It’s causing him to hallucinate about voter fraud. Here’s Severson talking about the race: In his campaign, Severson has repeatedly said he believes there is fraud in Minnesota’s election system and that election protection is key. Once a backer of […]

Dan “We are not a democracy” Severson

October 19, 2014

Just another dangerous, overheated crackpot

RT Rybak at the DNC

The Weekly Wrap 9-9

September 9, 2012

Senate GOPers get fined, the house district 7B race further disintegrates and more