Katherine Kersten on the TV.
by Steve Timmer
Apr 11, 2012, 10:30 AM

Jesus discovered America! IV

Later in her op-ed for Easter Day (already discussed by me here, here, and here), Katherine Kersten reveals what’s really on her mind.

She believes that by not observing sufficient fealty to the Christians and their pals the Judeos, and not permitting them to run roughshod over American society, that the foundation of all of freedoms will be threatened:

Christians and non-Christians alike must raise their voices when government moves unjustly to restrict our freedom of religion and conscience. Ultimately, such illegitimate action threatens the foundation of all our freedoms.

Whoa! What happened to the Judeos? They are apparently AWOL in the end.

Note the sentence construction: “moves unjustly to restrict,” not moves to restrict unjustly.

It is all about freedom of religion and conscience.

Including the freedom of a junior high student to hector and bully a fellow student for being gay until the gay student commits suicide. That is what, incidentally, the Parents Action League urged on the Anoka Hennepin school district.

Or the freedom to control the family life of all citizens by dictating what consenting two adults may marry and enjoy the civil (legal and government) benefits of marriage.

Katie’s freedom and conscience is really mostly about controlling and restricting the freedom and conscience of somebody else.

Religious conservatives love to talk about the Free Exercise Clause and the primacy of the First Amendment, but they always neglect to mention there is also an Establishment Clause in the First Amendment, and it is recited before the Free Exercise Clause.

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