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by Tony Petrangelo
Jul 29, 2012, 7:00 AM

The Weekly Wrap 7-29

The Commodore Mike Parry went after Allen Quist about past statements that he had made while running for Governor in 1994. Well, Mike Parry’s campaign through the vessel of Ben Golnik.

Quist in turn denied that such statements mean what they appear to mean, because you know, they were taken out of context.

In response to Mike Parry’s campaign wanting explanations of past statements from Allen Quist, someone sought explanation of past tweets made by one Mike Parry.

What were those tweets again?

“What’s with Dems and Pedophiles?”


“read the exclusive on Mr O in Newsweek. He is a Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man.”

Mike Parry’s response:

The tweets, after generating media coverage and condemnation in liberal blogs, were erased from Parry’s website and he eventually offered a semi-apology — saying the remarks were “written in haste and out of frustration I felt for the out of control spending in Washington.”

What do Pedophiles have to do with out of control spending? And what the hell was going on in 2009 where this would be relevant anyway?

The “Dems and Pedophiles” tweet was widely speculated to be a reference to the debate going on in the spring of 2009 in the then-Democratic Congress over the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act, which some conservatives dubbed “The Pedophile Protection Act.”

Okay, so Mike Parry was basically saying “What’s with Dems and teh fags?” But to him, there is no different between pedophiles and gay people. It’s totally like the same thing. But that’s totally not the point here guys, we’re supposed to be talking about Allen Quist’s crazy!

As for the other tweet:

Parry declined to further explain the tweets, including why he brought up the president’s race. When the controversy arose, he said: “My opinion is that our president is arrogant and angry. The fact is that he is a black man.”

No kidding Mike, that’s not really the issue, the issue is how you decided to use these disparate elements to construct the tweet that you sent out.

As you said, his blackness is a fact (sort of), a fact of which we are all aware. You don’t need to point this out, that would be like if I referred to you as old every time I was to write about you.

“Mike Parry is a crazy old coot.”

It’s my opinion that he’s crazy and a coot, the fact is that he’s old.

Clearly, Mike the reason you included the “black man” line in the tweet is because you thought it was relevant to the content of the tweet itself, as in the crazy old coot example above. It would still work without the word “old”, but it wouldn’t evoke the same image then.

Eventually Parry tired of people questioning his past statements when they should be questioning Allen Quist’s.

“That’s so long ago that that’s past history,” he said. “We’ve moved forward.”

Umm, dude, these tweets are from 2009. The reason this reporter is asking you questions right now is because of attacks you are making on your opponent, attacks for stuff he said in 1994!

2009 is so old it’s past history but 1994 is not? Or perhaps 1994 is from so long ago that it has went full circle and become relevant again?

What’s that old saying Mike; pull the log out of your own ass before you point out the stick in your neighbor’s?

David Brauer posted an interview he did with Allen Quist in 1994 where he says some of those things that he is now denying he said back in 1994.

Since 1994 is from even before the dark old days of 2009, how did Brauer manage to get his hands on such a thing?

This is where I’m tempted to make a joke about how if Brauer had ever bought his wife any jewelry then he’d probably be out of luck now, but that wouldn’t be very classy would it?

It’s a fun story, and resulted in the introduction, to the internet, of virgin content. Kudos David!

Aaron Brown goes over the nitty gritty of the 6B House race. The long and short of it, Jason Metsa is backed by the unions and mining interests, Lorrie Janatopoulos, is backed by the activists.

It’s an interesting dynamic at play with the younger Metsa receiving the support of the old guard and the older Janatopoulos receiving the support of the younger guard.

♣ If you have any doubt about the motivations behind the push for photo voter ID, make no mistake, it is purely about winning elections.

Michael Brodkorb finally filed his long threatened lawsuit, claiming gender discrimination. This sets up the employment discrimination case of teh century!

It’s good to see someone from one of the more oppressed classes, in this case middle-aged, professional, white males standing up for their rights. There’s no reason that in 2012 middle-aged, professional, white males should face any different treatment than a more normal citizen.

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