Mike and Ben's excellent adventure (www.kare11.com).
by Steve Timmer
Aug 10, 2012, 11:00 AM

Swinging like losers

In the days leading up to the primary next week, the conduct of two of the congressional district candidates who look to be losers is revealing.

The grandstanding blowhard Republican Mike Parry, pictured above along with his campaign manager, Ben Golnik, played ringmaster at a one-ring committee circus he convened at the Capitol on Thursday to . . . well, we’re not sure what, because they committee didn’t take any action. Aaron was there and provides this story.

If you have any doubt that Parry calling the hearing — ostensibly to discuss negotiated state labor contracts — was a stunt, ask yourself why Ben Golnik was there, guarding Parry has he walked into the Capitol.

Mike and Ben still can’t believe they’re getting killed by Yoda.

On the DFL side, Tarryl Clark released a negative ad about Rick Nolan, slamming him for being the founder and chair of the Minnesota World Trade Center during the Perpich administration. She accuses Nolan of “taking lavish” trips rather than creating jobs.

Nolan shot back, calling it “eleventh hour gutter politics.”

Both the Parry and Clark campaigns are giving off the whiff of Eau de Desperation.

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