The libertarian Boudica yells at Willard (
by Steve Timmer
Sep 3, 2012, 8:00 PM

Not ready to kiss and make up!

Surprising word comes that Marianne Stebbins is not ready to walk down the aisle with Mitt Romeny, the one chosen for her by the matchmakers at the RNC:

“A lot of the liberty people are still undecided at this point,” said [RNC] delegation leader Marianne Stebbins.

Well, not surprising at all, really.

The so-called “liberty Republicans” voted, 33 out of 40 delegates, for Ron Paul; the Paulbots have clearly infiltrated the Republican Party in Minnesota. It is also pretty obvious that the Paulbots really only care about voting for Ron Paul.

That became obvious even to Kurt Bills, erstwhile Ron Paul supporter numero uno, who was driven into the embrace of Mitt Romney at the Lafayette Club at a fundraiser in Minnesota. It became so obvious to Bills, in fact, that he conceded the race for the Senate two months before it takes place, announcing that he’s going back to teaching school.

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