Congresswoman 13 of 13 (
by Steve Timmer
May 19, 2012, 8:30 PM

Meet 13 of 13

Michele Bachmann survives in a post-Borg world

The metamorphosis is complete. The MNGOP has been assimilated by the Borg — the Paulbots — and Michele Bachmann is left to become 13 of 13 or perish.

So, of course, she’s 13 of 13.

Supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul have picked up all but five of the elected Minnesota delegate slots to the national Republican convention.

In a stark rejection of presumed nominee Mitt Romney, Republicans at their state convention picked 12 Paul supporters for 13 spots. Earlier, Paul backers claimed 20 of 24 delegates selected at local conventions.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, whose name appeared on a Romney slate Saturday, did not initially get enough votes to join the Republicans going to Tampa. She only avoided a run-off election when a Paul supporter ceded to her.

Here’s John Gilmore, who’s not a shabbos goy but plays one on Twitter, and is a Republican actvist, on how Bachmann squeaking in happened:

The “conservative unity” slate put together at the last minute was a joke before the flyers were even printed. The always tone deaf Michele Bachmann let herself be put on it for reasons unknown to MC. She lost on the first round of balloting but the always brilliant tactician Stebbins had the 13th place Ron Paul winner move aside for her. [MC thinks she had orders from the Mother Ship] Had Bachmann any dignity, she would have declined after placing approximately 150 votes back. She doesn’t and she didn’t. Tampa, if possible, just got more garish.

Earlier, the convention picked Kurt Bills, the man who as a senate candidate wants,  like the Khmer Rouge, to return to the year zero.

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