Mary Kiffmeyer is not impressed that Dan McGrath thinks that vouching will still be permitted if the voter restriction amendment passes | LeftMN photo
by Steve Timmer
Oct 12, 2012, 2:30 PM

Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath is an unshaven liar

In this video clip from The Uptake, taken at a recent debate at Metro State University, Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath tells one of the most titanic whoppers ever on the voter ID amendment.

The object of the entire exercise for amendment proponents is to get rid of vouching — which Mary Kiffmeyer has been trying to do for years — and same day registration, as well. The bill that the governor vetoed in the 2011 session would have done both of these things. Republican legislators brought suit in federal court this year in an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of same day registration.

McGrath claims to have been involved in the writing of the amendment. He said that “because it’s not in there,” vouching – at least to establish residence would not “necessarily” be prohibited.  (We might call this the “Reverse Prego” rule.) Did you note McGrath’s use of the term “necessarily? Charming.

But here’s what Mary Kiffmeyer, author of the amendment bill, said about vouching:

Everybody has to prove who they are with a photo ID is the essence of it,” Kiffmeyer said. “Everyone will still be allowed to vote — vote by mail, absentee voting, military voting, registering to vote on Election Day — what we’re taking away is vouching[;] we won’t be able to do vouching.

Kiffmeyer is not correct about the effect of the amendment  on voting by mail, absentee voting, military voting and same day registration — she’s the one, remember, who said in a hearing on her amendment bill that “substantially equivalent” meant, well, “equivalent . . . substantially.” Swell.

But at least Kiffmeyer is honest about the legislative intent of the amendment on vouching. When two major proponents, including the author of the bill to put the issue on the ballot, are not on the same page about its meaning, it ought to be a clear signal to the voters that they can’t have any real idea about what they are voting on.

In a previous story about McGrath’s tall tales about thousands of dead registered voters, I observed that McGrath lies about these things with the grace of a baboon swinging through the trees. Now you have video proof.


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