Pat Shortridge, MNGOP Chair (
by Steve Timmer
Oct 26, 2012, 2:30 PM

Stamping out pockets of resistance II

In the original story with this title, we recounted the MNGOP’s decision to refrain from endorsing judicial candidates, at least in the current cycle, and how in at least a couple of cases, some local Republicans were breaking ranks and calling themselves things like “Convener, Judicial District Republican Chairs, Republican Party of Minnesota,” and endorsing Tim Tinglestad and Dan Griffith for Supreme Court of Minnesota seats currently held by incumbent Republican appointees.

Well, here is another pocket of resistance for Pat Shortridge to stamp out. In Grand Rapids, there is a fellow who wrote a letter to the editor and an op-ed in the Grand Rapids Herald Review, identifying himself as Ron Niemala Chair, MGNOP – 9th Judicial District. (I am pretty sure he meant “MNGOP.”) Anyway, the organization and the title are fictitious. He endorsed Tingelstad and Griffith, too.

The letter to the editor was printed early in September, and the op-ed is from just a couple of days ago.

It’s an obvious attempt to inject partisan politics into races that, as observed in the previous story, should definitely remain nonpartisan.

Grand Rapids area resident Charlotte Neigh responded to the to the September Niemala letter, noting:

Professor Larry Jacobs of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota has stated that “Minnesota has one of the most widely respected judiciaries in the nation.” He also has warned about a politicized judiciary where judges get campaign contributions for their rulings, which is where such partisan support will lead.

Amen to that.


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