by Jeff Wilfahrt
May 1, 2014, 3:45 PM

Daudt says push kids – ooh, that’s a bully’s word, ‘push’

Some people report that this Rep. Daudt is smart man. Doesn’t seem that way to me.

Last night he was on the TV Machine saying this:

“We’ve got the best teachers in the country,’’ Daudt said. “We need to push our students harder.’’

Next week he’ll be bashing the schools and the teachers in particular.

But as of last night we had the best teachers. He’d just like the school administration to fire or remove the ones that cost too much or get a little long in the tooth… get some cheaper ones, always a good strategy when you want quality. Hence the GOP rationale to under fund education for the last decade. Thank the heavens we didn’t waste any money, we only wasted time.

But this is the new House Minority Leader’s focus. We need to lean on these kids and push them to… exactly Rep. Daudt what is it we’re pushing them to do?

So in the end it appears all the education issues the GOP has been barking about for over a decade is all crap.

In the end Daudt is making the case that the children have failed us.

Oh and don’t forget that ‘push’ is a verb commonly used to describe the actions of bullies.

What a smart, enlightened, compassionately conservative man he has shown himself to be to use a bully word in regard to children.

Damn kids!

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