by Jeff Wilfahrt
May 2, 2014, 12:45 PM

WMD lie < Benghazi question

Issa and crowd may have found a smoking gun on Benghazi in the Obama administration… and maybe not.

The level of intensity Issa and others are putting into this Benghazi hunt would seem more legitimate if they likewise had investigated the subterfuge of the WMD lie that lit this mideast powder keg.

If there had been no WMD lie there would have been no Benghazi event altogether.

But Issa wants blood, Democratic blood specifically. The four dead in Benghazi matter more than the 4,802 U.S. dead in Iraq.

Looks like the same old Republican mathematics, 4,802 is less significant than 4.

Let’s not go there right, to Issa those would be justified deaths, regardless of the lie President Bush effected those deaths under.

Having trouble differentiating the goose from the gander here, you’re not alone. Shall we ask Issa?

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