Guess who? (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
May 31, 2014, 8:42 AM

Before 9/11 there was intent to deal with Iraq

Oh the web they weaved!

In presumed response to the political environment he had entered, however, Powell asked his staff for background on Iraq regime change policy – three days after Bush’s inauguration [Doc. 3].

When the new administration’s principals (agency heads) met for the first time at the end of January it was to discuss the Middle East, including Bush’s planned disengagement from efforts to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the issue of “How Iraq is destabilizing the region.” Bush directed the Pentagon to look into military options for Iraq and the CIA to improve intelligence on the country. (Note 7) At a February 1 principals meeting Paul Wolfowitz lobbied for arming the Iraqi opposition. (Note 8) When the deputies (agency seconds-in-command) committee met in April for its first discussion of terrorism since the president took office and counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke attempted to focus on Osama bin Laden and the Taliban – five months before 9/11 — Wolfowitz tried to change the subject to Iraq. (Note 9)

No mention here of ramping up the VA to accept the inevitable casualties.

Of course, who can believe research from George Washington University done with National Security Documents when men of such high caliber as Bush and Cheney tell another story (or two).

Cheney was on Hardball tonight. He did his usual schtick, blame it on the merely half white guy. Dicky boy says Iraq would be fine but for Obama not leaving enough American bullseyes in theater. Where I grew up the label for men like Bush or Cheney was putz.

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