Bush, Cheney and the mess they left (www.nocaptionneeded.com).
by Jeff Wilfahrt
May 29, 2014, 6:59 PM

Always abuse the veteran, it’s the American way

Listen to the noise out there. Shinseki must go. It’s all his fault.

He didn’t do the following:

  • start the wars conflicts
  • lie about WMD
  • didn’t neglect to fund the wars conflicts
  • didn’t shut down DOVER
  • didn’t squelch the American press
  • didn’t pass the bonus package for VA staff
  • didn’t flinch at Bora Bora
  • doesn’t paint pictures of dogs while the vets suffer
  • doesn’t mouth off like the dick Cheney (didn’t jump the transplant line for that matter either)
  • didn’t retain the Warthog nobody wanted but the local Congressman
  • … there’s more but the drift is set

Nope, he worked with what he had, a broken system, with corrupting money, a “surge” of injuries, a Congressional House who 50 times had the wisdom to vote against the ACA because there was nothing more important to do, like see to the vets.

Yup, even the likes of Walz, Franken and Peterson want Shinseki gone now. Because they too were just too busy with other things for the expired time of their terms. What a bunch of chicken shits. Running for cover under the guise of it’s all Shinseki’s fault.

… as if Shinseki ever had any real support from the House or the Senate to deal with the mess left from the Bush Cheney fiasco(s).

Do you really think things will improve with Shinseki gone? … didn’t think so.

For the record, there is more left of the soldier on the gurney in the photo than the portion of our son that came back from Afghanistan.

Thanks George and Dick, you always put the troops first and used your promethean minds to foresee what would come of your handy work.

I’d write more but I need to contact one of the soldiers who called and left a message… he’s having some trouble today, his PTSD nightmares kept him up last night… something about IEDs and dead people. Maybe I should tell him with Shinseki gone it’ll be all better. The politicians say this is the remedy to what ails him and all the others.

And last but not least, Shinseki too is a veteran, so he needs his fair share of abuse.

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