Monti Moreno stands in front of a backwards flag (
by Tony Petrangelo
May 29, 2014, 5:30 PM

Minnesota Republicans Seeking Nomination, Ranked

These rankings are not the product of a complex model that takes into account many variables. Nor are they the product of a simple model utilizing few variables. In fact, no variables were used in the construction of this list at all. I did not even open excel.

Instead, this list is entirely subjective and the criteria used remain vague, even to me. Let’s just say that this list seems right. This is a list that feels like it should exist. Thankfully it now it does.

Anyway, enjoy this sacrifice to the SEO gods, links be unto them.

Top Ten Minnesota Republicans Seeking Their Party’s Nomination

  1. Scott “California” Honour
  2. Mike “Details” McFadden
  3. Marty “The” Seifert
  4. Jeff “Triple J” Johnson
  5. Julianne “Resume” Ortman
  6. Kurt “Former Speaker of the Minnesota House” Zellers
  7. Chris “Front Porch” Dahlberg
  8. Dave “Mad Dog” Thompson
  9. Doc “Dan” Severson
  10. Monti Moreno

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