Republicans do Rochester (
by Steve Timmer
Jun 1, 2014, 12:30 PM

Assault and Criminal Damage to Property

The melee began Friday night when Andy Parrish, Ortman’s campaign manager, cuffed Jeff Kolb like a common cur.

andy gets physical

Now, I’ve met both Parrish and Kolb, and Kolb is a head-and-a-half taller, so it was a reach for Andy. Not only that, he’s lucky that Kolb didn’t turn him into a (silly) goose liver pâté on the spot. Good on you, Jeff.

But this was just the preliminary round, so to speak.

On Saturday, when best man to Jeff Johnson, Marty Seifert, bolted the altar and turned himself into the worst man, a spontaneous demonstration broke out.

destroying seifert signs

Conservative radio talk show personality Ben Kruse observed that Marty would have many fewer lawn signs for his campaign!

Perhaps leading the charge was new party chair and my Edina homie, Keith Downey:

State party Chairman Keith Downey denounced Seifert and one convention delegate was seen throwing a Seifert sign to the ground in anger.

All in all, a memorable affair.

Update: Here’s what Michael Brodkorb reports this evening (Sunday) about the denouement of the Republican convention. It may explain why the Seifert staffers did not stick around and collect the campaign’s signs.

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