Which is the goose, which the gander? (georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov).
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Mar 4, 2014, 4:08 PM

The Invaders

Well, they have both invaded countries. One of them is being denounced by the American nation… which begs the question of double standards.

Of course we left behind such a stable democracy. The daily bombings in Iraq seldom bust a threshold of 100 deaths. Stable is as stable does.

… and then last week Dick Cheney was whining about the 5.9% military cuts Hagel suggests, but Cheney says nothing about the 25% cuts he once advocated. That Cheney, he has the heart of a … another human being. Somehow I think he feels the financial threat of losing business for Halliburton or whatever his latest scam company is calling themselves under Hagels proposed cuts.

… and Shrub, Bush that is, is now all about the 1% feeling the wars although he did all he could to keep the public disengaged when he was the decider. All those maimed, wounded and dead wouldn’t be just that had he decided correctly. Now he’s their biggest fan. Hmmph!

Only to men like this does trading 2,996 9/11 deaths come out to our advantage to create 4,486 American dead in Iraq and 2,315 deaths to date in Afghanistan. Good odds when you get them, 3k gets 7k. Talk about doubling down, which Bush and Cheney probably did. This is Republican math at its finest.

My oh my what a ship of fools we sail with.



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