The Lion and the Lamb
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 2, 2014, 12:08 PM

A veteran, a retired patrolman, a decent man speaks his heart

Protesters in California block busloads of immigrant children and families

I saw that headline in this morning’s Washington Post and wondered what have we – as a nation – become? Corporate greed without limits or boundaries. Endless wars. Discrimination against those who are different in some way. Pollution of our air and desecration of Mother Earth.

But now, hatred against children who have brown skin?? Why? How can any moral person justify this hatred?


They can’t. They can’t.

An hour later, I’m still shaking at the headline. What happened to the belief that we are all children of God? Or that we should love one another?

Joey (my puppy) and I rode the Green Line rail transit over to Minneapolis on Sunday. On the return trip we sat next to and talked with a Native American grandmother who had two of her grand-kids with her. How could anyone have any feeling but love towards those children?

Two of my twelve grandchildren have the incredibly beautiful light brown skin and dark brown eyes that bespeak of some distant part of their ancestry – Mexican, Native American?? Don’t know, but these two girls are absolutely beautiful inside and out – in my eyes, and in the eyes of God. Same with three of my brother’s grand-kids who are part Asian – beautiful in my eyes, beautiful in the eyes of God. Just as all children are.

How do I share that with these protesters? I don’t know.

I’ll take Joey for a walk and think on it. Meanwhile, enjoy the attached picture of the Lion and the Lamb sleeping together (also known as Joey and Mouko).

Peace to all the world.

Wes [Davey]


About the author: Wes Davey has been profiled in multiple media in Minnesota. Too much so to repeat it all here.

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