by Jeff Wilfahrt
Oct 26, 2014, 5:30 PM

No Honor in Racism Rally

On Sunday, November 2nd Native American groups will hold a 10:00 a.m. “No Honor in Racism Rally” rally at TCF Stadium prior to the Washington-Minnesota football game. Their goal is simple: encourage the Washington NFL team to stop using the offensive “Redskins” term in their team name. This is a story by a friend, Wes Davey.


I told a cousin about this rally and she wondered how – in this 21st century – anyone could think it is okay to use such a derogatory and racist term, much less by a major sports team. The logo for the Cleveland Indians MLB team, a grinning, buck-toothed, hook-nosed, disgusting caricature of a Native American, is equally if not more offensive.

Why do we still give our tacit, sometimes vociferous approval to this racism and bigotry towards Native Americans? In public, we have stopped using offensive slurs for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, gays, Jews, women, etc. Why can’t we extend similar respect towards Native Americans by ending the use of derogatory terms and logos?

My cousin and her 84-year old blind mother will be attending the “No Honor in Racism” rally on Nov. 2nd to support the Native American cause. They want to be a part of what the Washington Post says this rally will be the largest ever Native American rally against racism.

If that happens, then maybe this rally will get the attention of Washington’s owner Dan Snyder, and maybe he will finally understand that derogatory terms of the 19th Century are not acceptable in the 21st Century. Maybe he will change the team name.

That’s what Native Americans hope for, but it won’t happen with public support. Attend the rally, support Native Americans in their quest for respect and fair treatment, and be a part of change.

Wes Davey

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