The GOP as the children of Aaron. (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 10, 2014, 8:55 AM

Baal and the children of Aaron

That parochial education left a few stories which come back as the class warfare in the country continues.

The New Testament has one storyline wherein the Christ figure (first designated circa 200 A.D. at Nicea) loses his temper. He was among the money changers and sellers in the temple.

An earlier account is when Moses descends from the Mount, tablets in hand, to discover his brother Aaron before the Golden Calf known colloquially as Baal.

A short query is in order to determine who the children of Aaron may be.

  • Which party stands among the Chamber of Commerce, the contemporary sellers and money changers?
  • Which party covets their money the most to the exclusion of aiding the poor?
  • Which party advocates the rapid consumption of natural resources with chants of drill baby drill?
  • Which party promotes military might to protect a fiduciary dominance in a world of many peoples?
  • Which party peoples the evangelical churches in sheep’s clothing ignoring the parables of the very book they claim as their own?

In consideration of these Biblical tales against the class warfare now defined by political parties it takes but an instance to see which of these are the children of Aaron.

Conservatives is the wrong moniker. The correct moniker is Baalists.

  • Real conservatives would suggest you turn your thermostat down, Baalists won’t.
  • Real conservatives would advocate lower speed limits to preserve energy consumption, Baalists won’t
  • Real conservatives would push for recycling and reuse over mining and drilling, Baalists won’t

But money gets what money wants. Unless of course the non-Baalists unite and show up at the voting booths.

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