Wind energy across the U.S.
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 14, 2014, 2:58 PM

No wind energy in Old Dixie

Grand nieces and nephews keep hitting us up with magazine subscription drives. We play along and so after all these years Popular Science still rolls via the snail mail box.

The July issue has this piece on wind energy and assuming the editors did due diligence on the data comprising the map let’s take a look at what we see there.

Wind Boom 1

Old Dixie doesn’t seem to have any real investment in the future of wind… hence we get a lot of drill baby drill from that sector of the country. Save the one installation in Tennessee there’s nothing happening down there… except the Baptists and porn of course.

Having driven past the Sweetwater, TX area in January of 2014 I can attest to just how huge that wind field actually is, it went on for miles. Drove past the Tennessee installation at the top of June, 2014. It’s respectable but based on the map candles may be required in Dixie as crude prices spike.

*source: author scan from July 2014 Issue, Popular Science


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