Republicans do Rochester (
by Steve Timmer
Jun 5, 2014, 8:00 AM

A Republican wins a Spotty ™

Graphic by Tild

Graphic by Tild

In an unusual move for the award committee, a Spotty™ is awarded to John Gilmore for his pithy, and dead-accurate description of the Republican state convention awarding a U.S. Senate endorsement to a candidate who vowed to ignore the endorsement — if he didn’t get it, of course:

gilmore's observation

John is talking, of course, about the tenth-ballot endorsement of Mike “I’m no Mittens” McFadden to run against Al Franken.

John was a supporter and consultant to Julianne Ortman, who was vying for the same endorsement, but it does not detract from the quality of the imagery.

Remember, a Spotty™ is awarded for an op-ed, letter to the editor, blog post, or blog comment that the committee (well, me) wishes they had written themselves.

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